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We can deliver from most any restaurant that offers take-out in Medford to any place in Meford!  We can also pick up and deliver food orders from eateries outside Medford as well (mileage and other fees may apply)  Orders are accepted from opening to closing and can be made by phone, email, or online order form .

* price of food paid for must be under $50 to qualify for our regular delivery charge. Delivery charge increases for food orders over $50.

To begin your order you'll need to have a restaurant chosen before you call us. If you need ideas, you can start by looking at our Restaurant Pages, which contain most of the local eateries in Medford. Those that have online websites will have links, and those that do not or have no web-presence will not be included. 

Next, you may email, use our online booking form, or you can call us at 541-951-8275 to place your order. DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH THE RESTAURANT!  We must schedule your order with others we may have already received. Once we place your order, It will be paid by Task Runners and when we arrive, we will collect reimbursement for the food cost(s) PLUS our delivery charges.  


Wait times for your order will vary depending on how many orders we have ahead of yours, how busy the restaurant is, distance from your address and traffic/weather conditions, but our average wait time everyone is given is between 60 and 90 minutes. This time frame allows for any unexpected delays that are beyond our control. 

Task Runners takes food orders on a "first come,first served" basis. Weekends (Friday - Saturday) are generally busy between 5pm and 8 pm for both restaurants and delivery. To ensure you get your order during those periods without a lengthy wait, you are advised to place your order well in advance (morning or early afternoon preferred) to get on the schedule. 

Payments accepted for all orders can be in cash, credit/debit, or PayPal*. Checks are NOT accepted and $100 bills (If we don't have the change available). Drivers only carry $25 in change for security reasons. Debit/Credit cards must be "chipped" in order for payment at the door. Cards that either can't be read with our chip-reader or don't have a chip, MUST have an alternate form of payment. Deliveries will NOT be released without payment. 

*PayPal orders are limited to $50 and MUST be paid before delivery arrives. 

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