Our Service vs."Theirs"

Ordering groceries isn't supposed to be a pain, but using online "platforms" to get your order comes with it some issues that can determine whether you get that order today, or days from now.

Task Runners does not have to deal with these issues, as our service works very differently from these online order sites.

Orders Done Same Day

Once you place your order with Task Runners, it's not put on some "list", waiting to be picked by someone deciding whether it's worth their time or not.  We have a "first come, first served" policy. All orders we take are scheduled for delivery THAT DAY - even it it means we have to work past our closing time to complete your order.  Of course, deliveries can be scheduled for other times or days, per customer request.


NO Multiple Orders

Most online order "platforms" will group, or "batch" orders together with other orders, making the delivery process take longer than it should, especially if the pay offered by the "platform" for that order isn't attractive enough to be chosen by the accepting driver./shoppper.   There's also more chances of errors shopping 2 or more orders at the same time, the worst having your items mixed up with another customers order. 


Our service does ONE order at a time, so that we can focus our efforts on just YOUR order, getting those items shopped and delivered to you as accurately and quickly as possible.  


Delivery at YOUR Convenience

You never have to worry if your delivery will show up when you're not home. Unlike grocery order platforms, your order is not at the mercy of a computer deciding when to release your order to drivers to be filled.


NO "No tip, no trip" Policy

Many drivers/Shoppers for these food/grocery delivery platforms have adopted a "no tip, no trip" policy when deciding to choose your order to work on. This can be problematic for customers who don't add (sufficient), or no gratuity when placing orders. Shoppers will not choose these orders, which can go untaken for long periods of time, or will be picked up by inexperienced or uncaring shoppers, who don't have your best interests in mind.

Task Runners NEVER requires gratuity of its customers! We charge enough for our services, it's not necessary, plus, we prefer to leave decision on tipping up to the customer.  Of course, tipping is always appreciated when we receive them.


We are "presentable" when we arrive

When a Task Runners driver arrives with your delivery, The driver will not look as if they just left the local gym or just threw on whatever was in the dirty clothes hamper that day.  We will always have something that identifies us as a delivery service, either by apparel or vehicle.