Restaurant Delivery

Food deliveries will be under new rules due to our grocery and Instacart services that are keeping us busy each day. Restaurant delivery is available ONLY if scheduling allows.

This service is still slated to END after July 31st, 2020 unless renewed interest in the service continues.


The new rules are as follows:

1. Task Runners will no longer be paying for food deliveries "up front" using our own funding. The ONLY payments we will collect is our "delivery charges". 

2. Task Runners will no longer do "on-the-fly" or ASAP (As Soon As Possible) food delivery orders. You will need to call us first for an available time, then place your order with the restaurant and pay them for the order, either by phone, through the restaurant's website, or by some other "third-party" means.

 (Our Instacart "terms of service" agreement prevents Task Runners Delivery from postponing any Instacart orders that are accepted as we are an Instacart "delivery service provider", so food delivery pickup is not available when shopping for an Instacart order, this is why you need to call us first for a pickup time)
3. Task Runners delivery charge will still be $10 for all food deliveries. Cash is recommended, but if credit/debit cards are used, there will be a $1 "convenience fee" added to your order to cover card-processing fees. 

Large or complex orders picked up may incur a small "labor" charge that may be added for delivering to events, climbing flights of stairs, heavy items, or if the large delivery requires multiple trips to and from our delivery vehicle.


4. Task Runners will NOT transport restaurant food items KNOWN to not transport well. These include cold items, like ice creams and other frozen items. Foods that are not boxed up correctly for transport or leak will not be picked up. Make sure you
tell the restaurant to seal or tape ALL bags or boxed items securely. Task Runners will not be responsible for what restaurants use for "to-go" containers OR the items contained therein. As normal, all items will be transported in thermal baggage.

These new rules will lessen much of the liability, risk, and frustrations that Task Runners takes on by providing food delivery as part of its service:

1. Not having to make sure we have the funding available in the first place (especially for large orders or in times when our funding accounts are low / busy days or card payments collected are held for next day deposits).


2. Large orders, or ANY orders for that matter, not being paid for when we arrive OR if an order is cancelled AFTER Task Runners has paid for it, but fails to collect from the customer.

3. No out-of-pocket expenses for order mistakes made by Task Runners, customers not being specific in their ordering, or restaurants not getting the order correct/missing items.

4. Dealing with lengthy hold times from busy restaurants that make delivering food orders take longer than promised.

5. Charge-backs from customers greatly reduced, as we are only charging for our "delivery" and not the actual items purchased. That risk will now fall on the restaurants to deal with, as the customer will now pay for their food through them and not Task Runners.


6. No more complaints about how we charge for large food orders. As we are no longer funding these orders ahead of payment, the customers food amount is no longer a factor in our delivery charge. The customer can spend as much as they wish on their food delivery, only they'll be settling up with the restaurant and not with us.

Task Runners Delivery's ONLY responsibility will be to pick up the order, transport it,drop it off and collect its delivery charge. 

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