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Call or place your order online to Task Runners Delivery. We will shop or pick up the order and collect our fee(s) when we arrive at your door. We accept cash, credit or debit, and PayPal. Personal checks are not accepted and business checks upon approval only.  Payment with $50 or $100 bills must be approved prior to start of your order, as we may be unable to make change. Credit/debit cards can be taken over the phone, however, first time users will need to provide ID once the driver arrives - subsequent orders will not require ID checks. For all orders,except food delivery,  if your card is on file with Task Runners, may be charged before delivery arrives in the event the transaction does not go through, we can alert the customer. Deliveries will not be released until payment has been received.




Orders can be called in, emailed, or submitted from our online form. All orders are delivered "same day" up until our closing time. Task Runners pays out-of-pocket for grocery orders at the store. All delivery charges are based on the dollar total of your grocery items. These charges cover our time, labor and vehicle usage in shopping and delivering your order.


GROCERY TOTALS $50 and UNDER..................$10 delivery charge

GROCERY TOTALS OVER $50............................20% of grocery total


Fred Meyer CLICKLIST ........................................$15 delivery charge

Walmart Pick Up....................................................$15 delivery charge

ANY store that can put your order together and take your payment qualifies for this service

Task Runners may assess a small labor charge for large orders that require multiple trips to and from our vehicles, up stairways or in inclement or extreme weather conditions. As with all grocery orders , customers are encouraged to stay by their phone during the shopping process for questions or issues with their order. If we are unable to contact a customer during this process, it's our policy to cancel the order.


Task Runners is able to pick up orders from any restaurant that accepts "to-go" orders, take customer payments over the phone, or have online ordering. 

Food Delivery Pick-up............................................$10 delivery charge

Task Runners no longer pays "out-of-pocket" for food orders. All orders needed picked up must be pre-paid. Customers  must call Task Runners before ordering food delivery to ensure a pick up time is available. Our "terms of service" with Instacart prevents us from stopping grocery orders to pick up restaurant delivery.


Task Runners can pick up medication from most any pharmacy, as long as its non-narcotic (special arrangements must be made for this type of medication). To have your "scripts" released from the Pharmacist, we must have your full name and birth date, as well as the number of prescriptions you are expecting to have picked up. Dropping off and picking up a prescription are considered TWO separate deliveries, unless the order can be filled shortly after it's been submitted to the pharmacy and we don't have to wait very long for it to be ready. Prescriptions not covered by insurance in excess of $200 or more, is subject to whether Task Runners has enough funds on hand to pay for the items. In those cases, the customer will need to arrange an alternate method for paying for the prescriptions. 


Prescription/Co-Pay Totals Under $50..................$10 delivery charge

Prescription/Co-Pay Totals Over $50....................20% of "script" total


Pick up from your home or office and drop off at Post Office, UPS Store, or other locations. All non-postage paid items require a credit/debit card number at the time of order. Cost of postage is added to our delivery charge. If we are to pack and prepare shipment of your order, then a small labor fee will be added with the cost of materials that will be added to your delivery charge. 

Package / Document Delivery...............................$10 delivery charge

                                                                     (plus any postage/materials paid by Task Runners)

 Additional fees      & discounts



Mileage Charges


At the present time, mileage is only being charged for all deliveries leaving or arriving from outside Jackson /Josephine Counties at the rate of $1.00 per mile added to the delivery order.  Inter-county mileage is not being charged at this time. 

Mileage Fee......................$1 per mile (all deliveries leaving or entering Jackson/Josephine Counties)

                          "extra stop" charges

All additional stops made during the course of your order are charged at $5 for each addtional place we visit to complete your order. To avoid this fee, make sure all your items can be found at ONE place.  The only time we treat multiple stops as a "single" stop is when it's a business within a business, such as a bank, pharmacy or restaurant in a Walmart or Safeway.  Malls count as one stop, as all businesses are located under one building. 

                    Before/after hours charges

Delivery requests that are needed before or after our normal operating hours will be charged DOUBLE our normal rate.

                            Multiple services

Only one service is charged and any other services included is $5 for each additional place plus any out-of-pocket expenses Task Runners incurs will be added to your bill.

                      Senior/military discounts

We offer senior discounts for those 55 or older and Military at 10% off delivery charges only and are not automatic. You must request these discounts each time an order is placed. Discounts are not given when your order arrives. Military ID is required to be shown once driver arrives with your order and then is not required for subsequent orders after that. "Double discounting" is prohibited and only one discount per customer, per order please. Mileage charges are not included in discounts. 

                             Ebt (snap) Cards

Task Runners is not set up, nor allowed to, take EBT at this time. One available option is to allow Task Runners to use your card for eligible purchases. To do this, you will need to visit your local Social Services Office and fill out a FORM MSC 231 "Authorized Representative and Alternative Payee". Your application will need to be approved by DHS and a copy must be on file with Task Runners before we can use your card for EBT purchases. EBT, however, does not pay for services performed by Task Runners Delivery, so you will still need an alternative payment method to pay for our services. 


Per OLCC regulations, Task Runners Delivery is currently prohibited from delivering any of these items, as well as any flammables (gas cans/propane tanks) or firearms-related items. 

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