Grocery Delivery 


Our most popular service! NO memberships or annual dues! Same-day delivery on all orders up to closing time!  

we can shop from any store, including membership stores, such as costco or bimart.  Although we do have a minimum charge for our service, we have no minimum purchase amount required. 

Don't need us to shop your order? We can also pick up prepaid orders, such as Fred Meyer ClickList and Walmart.  Practically any store that can put your order together we can pick up from. We can also go to multiple stores in one session, if requested. 


No "groceries under an hour", or other  "gimmicks" - like those other services promote.  We prefer to take the time to get our customer's order right the FIRST time, because it's the business owners, and not an inexperienced or inattentive employee, doing the shopping!  

Most important of all, Task Runners ALWAYS provides a cost of service receipt, and the store receipt we shopped at, so you know the true cost of your order!*


*be careful of services not transparent on their pricing. Some services will hide your actual cost by not giving you the original store receipt with their services receipt upon delivery,  which is intentionally kept from the customer to hide the actual cost of the items, which are upcharged, and can sometimes add an extra 20-30% more to your total order amount. 

IF you're ready to place your order, call us or place your order using our online form.


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