Use of Customer EBT (SNAP) Cards


At this time, Task Runners Delivery is not able to take EBT (SNAP) cards as a payment option at this time.  You can choose, however, to still pay for your groceries (and other items) using your food benefits by making Task Runners your "alternate payee" to use your card on your behalf.  


This would allow us to pay for your items with your EBT card when we do your grocery shop.  This also means we would have to collect your card ahead of any grocery (or other service) we would be performing. 

Unfortunately, you will not be able to pay for our services through EBT, you will still need to have a credit/debit card or cash for our charges for the services we provide.


To get started, you will need to fill out Form MSC 231 "Authorized Representative and Alternate Payee"  and submit that to your local DHS office where you get your food assistance benefits. Your application must then be APPROVED by DHS for us to use your card. 

Although you can find the form HERE, we suggest going to your local Social Services office and pick up the most up-to-date form available. (There are hefty fines and even JAIL time for  non- authorized persons using EBT cards without permission from DHS and/or the card holder)

Once approval has been granted from DHS, Task Runners MUST have a copy of the approval for OUR records before we start the service. 


If this is an option you'd like to pursue, get the form and give us a call at 541-951-8275, as we will go over what needs to be filled in before you submit it for approval. 


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