Frequently asked questions




Q.  How do I place an order?

A.  For all restaurant (or any food orders), we will only pick up prepaid 

Q.  Do I need to call the restaurant with my order?

A.  No, all food orders must be placed with Task Runners. We will take your order and place it, and pay for it when we arrive to pick it 

     up. The process we use is holding off on placing new orders we receive until we are nearly finished with any orders prior to

     those just called in. We do it this way so that we can give ourselves enough time to arrive at the restuarant to pick up your order just

     as the kitchen is bagging it up OR is nearly finished with the order.  If we called in new orders just as we received them, we'd have

     food orders sitting out at the restaurant all around town, getting cold, with no way of knowing when we would be able to pick

     those up.  Very RARELY have we received any cold food complaints using this method of ordering.  We may have you place your

     order with the restaurant if it's excessively large, has special dietary requirements, or for avoiding our fee for larger orders.

Q.  What if I've already placed my order with the restaurant?

A.   Unfortunately, all orders not placed through us - paid for or not, will have to wait until we have finished orders that have been

      scheduled through Task Runners first. If we are able to pick your order up, we will not be able to guarantee the

      completeness or freshness of the delivery when we deliver it. Many times we won't even check the order when we pick it up as it            was not us that placed it in the first place and we don't know what was ordered.  We take orders on a first come, first served basis,

      so we  can't just "stop" any order(s) we are currently working on to pick up an "unscheduled".  There are some rare instances where

      we may not have any deliveries pending and we can do your order, but most times we would just refer you to a taxi (or some other)

      service OR have you call the restaurant to delay the order (if possible) so that we can get it on our schedule.

Q.  What are your wait times?

A.  Wait times vary depending on how busy we are, how busy the restaurant cooking your meal is, the time of day you place your order,

     etc.  It can be as little as 45 minutes (if no one is ahead of you and the eatery is close to the delivery address) to as long as 90

     minutes or more on busy Fridays and weekends, when the restaurants are packed with orders. We give a standard 60-90 minute

     wait time for most orders. This does not mean your order will take that long to be delivered (most times it arrives earlier than

     estimated), we just want to make sure we give the restaurant plenty of time to cook your order and Task Runners enough drive

     time, calculating for any unexpected traffic or restaurant delays, to deliver it.  

Q.  Do you go to ANY restaurant?

A.  We can go to any restaurant, as long as it is one that is not on our "no service" list. Typically, these are eateries that don't allow take-

     out order call-ins. To be efficient and be able to deliver more orders in a day, we prefer restaurants that allow us to call in orders

     ahead of time to get the cooking process started, rather than placing the order at each eatery, waiting behind a long line of people. 

     We also have restaurants on the list due to a history of not completing orders on time, losing our orders,  or getting incomplete

     orders with items missing on a consistent basis.  We also have eateries where there is a pronounced language barrier that prevents

     us from being able to correctly place the order so that they understand what we are requesting. 





Q.  Can  you go to any store?

A.   Yes! We can go to any store you choose. If you don't have a preference, our default store is Fred Meyers, only because we can find

       98% of the items that we are asked to pick up at that store. 

Q.   I would like a restaurant pick up along with my grocery order, can you do that?

A.   We can do that too! Just be aware that we do charge $5 for each additional stop (even if its in the same retail complex). The

      only exception is if you pick a store that has a restaurant inside it, like Walmart, Winco, or the Mall Food Court - then you wouldn't

      be charged the extra stop fee.

Q.  Can you pick up online orders, like Walmart and Fred Meyers Clicklist?

A.  Yes!  For paid online order pick up, or if you can get any store to put your grocery items together, we only charge $15 for each

      pick up, regardless of amount spent.  As with larger orders, however, just like large take out orders, we may charge additional labor

      fees if the order requires multiple trips to and from our delivery vehicle, using stairs, when delivery location is a significant

      distance away from our vehicle, or if we require assistance and no one is available. Generally, these are deliveries consisting of

      multiple items where the value is $150 or more. Labor fees charged will be at the driver's discretion. 

Q.  Will I get a the store receipt with my order?

A.   Yes! Unlike those online ordering platforms (Instacart), who's policy it is to keep the actual store receipts from

       their customers, in order to hide what was actually spent, you will receive TWO (2) receipts from Task Runners.  One for our

       charges and one from the store, so you can see what was actually spent on your order as well as how we charged.

Q.   Can you pick up my prescriptions at the same time you're shopping for my groceries?

A.   If your "scripts" are at the same store we are shopping, we can pick them up as well. Just keep in mind that if we have to pay any

      "co-pays" or costs of the actual prescriptions themselves (not covered by insurance), that amount will be added to your grocery

      total. You will be subject to the 25% delivery charge if both totaled together goes over $40.  If the cost of your prescriptions are of a

      significant amount ($100 or more), we may call you to let you know if we'll even be able to cover that cost in addtion to your

      groceries. We may have to do two separate deliveries. 


Q.  What do you need to pick up my prescriptions?

A.   Task Runners will need to know what store your "scripts" are located and how many you are expecting us to pick up. In order for the

       Pharmacist to release your scripts, your full name AND birth date is required.  If you know if we will be paying for them or if there's

       any "co-pays", please let us know that as well. 

Q.   Can you pick up my doctor's prescription at the hospital/clinic and drop it off to my pharmacy and then bring it to me after it's filled?

A.   We can do that as well! Generally, these would be charged as two separate deliveries ($10 each) if we're taking the prescription
      document to
the pharmacy, then picking it up later in the day, however, if the order can be filled in less than 20 minutes after we turn

      it in, then we will charge our normal fee for dropping off the document and only charging bringing the scripts to you an "extra stop". 


Q.   How is my medical information safeguarded?

A.    Task Runners does not disclose or share any of your personal or medical information to other entities as instructed in the Health

        Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). 




Q.   How am I charged for your service?

A.   Task Runners charges by the minute for its services, at the rate of .34 cents. Start time begins depending on what service you choose and time ends when we arrive at the delivery location.  Minimum charge is $10, which covers deliveries we can complete in 30 minutes or less. Orders taking 45 minutes to complete can run $15, and those orders taking up to an hour (for  large orders or those having separate stops) running a little north of $20. Exact estimates cannot be given as traffic, weather, length of wait times in store lines, etc. all have an effect on what is charged. These are just rough estimates.


Q.  Why are larger food orders (over $50) charged more?

A.  There are two reason we do this. Task Runners only has a limited amount of funds to purchase deliveries each day, which are

     mostly put on credit cards. Larger orders tend to use up those funds rapidly, thereby limiting the number of deliveries we can do in a 

     day. When receiving payment by card (which is 90% of the time), we don't see those funds until the next day. Charging for larger

     orders makes up for deliveries we had to turn away because we didn't have the funds available, due to larger orders using a larger         share of those funds and the funds being tied up in card accounts. Secondly, technically speaking, when we pay for your order

     ahead of time, we are really loaning you those funds until we show up at your door to collect and just like any lender, interest can be

     applied to those amounts for using our money, which is 25%.  This is why we prefer orders be kept to under $50, if anything, to

     just be able to stay open a full business day.  On a side note, we are charged interest on those credit cards to pay back the funds we

     used for your delivery and, as a business expense, must be recouped as well. 

Q. What if I must spend more on my order, but want to avoid the extra charge? (for a family, large group or office lunch)

A.  If you must spend more on your order, you can avoid this charge by asking the desired restaurant if you can order and pay for

     your food over the phone with them (but don't have them start it, until we call them),  then call us to schedule the time. We will

     instruct the restaurant when to start your order, per our schedule outlook at the time.  As long as we don't have to use our funds, we

     can deliver your large order without the extra charge, regardless of the amount spent. However, if it's a large enough amount of food,

     requiring multiple trips to and from our delivery vehicle, up stairs, requires us to "set up" the items in a specific area, or there's no

     one to assist us in off loading the items, Task Runners can assess an extra "labor charge" to your order at the driver's discression. 

Q.  Why do you charge more than Door Dash, Uber Eats, and those other services?

A.  We charge more than those companies because we run an actual delivery service, with costs and expenditures (overhead) that these entities do not have to pay. These "businesses",  called food delivery platforms, reside online, with no tangible location (much less, any customer service contact if any at all), and are mostly run by those whose sole purpose is to collect order payments and farm out the actual delivery portion of the order to those that sign up to drive for them, who incidentally, are NOT even employees, but independant contractors. This means that, these companies do not have to pay employee-related expenses, such as health insurance, car insurance, workers comp, withhold social security and income taxes, sick leave, or business expenditures related to maintaining licenses or office rentals, etc. It's because of this lack of overhead that these companies can offer these low delivery rates. The unfortunate part of all this is because of the low pay their drivers receive, it's hard to actually care about being a good delivery person, as well as making your customers happy, when the pay is just not incentive enough to do a good job.  That is why Task Runners will not change its pricing to compete against these corporate "bottom feeders". If we can't charge enough to make it worth staying in business, then there's no incentive in Task Runners continuing to be in business.