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To provide the best customer satisfaction, we provide the following solutions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Refund/Cancellation Policy by emailing us at OR for immediate response, please call us during normal business hours*.  


Preparation of your order begins shortly after we receive your call or email order, dependent on how many orders are ahead of you. This can take up to 15 - 30 minutes before we actually place the order. We cannot accept cancellations of an order once it has either been close to completion by the restaurant or Task Runners has already paid for it upon arrival to the eatery. 

FOOD ORDER ERRORS** (applies to the ENTIRE food order) - For ALL restaurant food deliveries, it is your responsibility to inspect the order immediately after receiving it - preferably while the driver is at the location.  If you cannot or do not check, you have up to ten minutes (10) after the order was dropped off to let Task Runners know if your order does not match your receipt or was not the item(s) you ordered.


If we do not hear from you after the transaction is completed, we will consider it finished and you being satisfied with your purchase.  We do not give discounts or refunds for past incidents that were not reported to us at the time/day it occurred. (ie. you cannot inform us that that we forgot an item on your last order if you never told us about it at the time the incident happened.)

FOOD NON-REFUNDABLE: Unfortunately, due to most restaurant policies,  all perishable food orders that leave the premises of the establishment are non-returnable and sales are final - therefore, Task Runners cannot refund the "food" portion of the bill, as the restaurant will not, in turn, refund that portion to Task Runners.  The only amount that Task Runners is able to refund (in cash) is the cost of its "service" , which is our delivery charges (except for mileage and extra stop fees), to the customer OR credit the customer the delivery charge on their next order.  IF you receive an order that is completely different than what arrived, DO NOT CONSUME ANY PORTION OF IT!!   Leave everything in their original containers and call Task Runners IMMEDIATELY!  


If you knowingly receive an order that is not yours and you consume it anyway, you waive any claims to refunds, credits , or other requests/demands and will hold Task Runners Delivery harmless of any responsibility for the incident in order to gain any type of discount(s) on or for any future orders.


If refunding the price of the food is not an option to the restaurant, they may opt to replace the order with the correct one and ask for the mistaken order to be returned. Task Runners will then arrive to collect the mistaken order from the customer and return with the proper order AT NO DELIVERY CHARGE. (see ** at the bottom of page).  If the mistaken order is not available for Task Runners to collect, (order thrown away, consumed, etc.) we reserve the option to call the restaurant to see if they still want to send a replacement  (to reduce fraudulent claims, most restaurants , and Task Runners, will want to see some sort of evidence that a mistake has been made before replacing orders)


FOOD ORDER INCOMPLETE:  (applies to PARTIAL received food orders)  On the rare occurrence you find an item (or two) missing from your order, call Task Runners immediately and have your restaurant receipt ready. If the majority of your order has been received, we will alert the restaurant of the missing item(s) and, in most cases, with no questions asked, they will make the item(s) available for us to pick up at no charge, and in turn, deliver the missing items to you, at no charge from us. However, only the missing items that were originally in the order will be replaced. Any other items not in the original order will be considered a "new" delivery order and will be charged accordingly.  

If you do not want to wait for replacement items, you have to option of using the cost of the missing item(s) as credit on a future order. That amount will be deducted on any future orders you place with us. 


ORDER DISSATISFACTION:   Task Runners is a "third-party" delivery service. Our service's primary objective is to get your food order to you as soon as we can, as hot as we can (or cold, if it's supposed to be). We take no responsibility for how the restaurant you're ordering from prepares your meal. We can only tell them how to prepare it, according to your request. We can't actually be in the kitchen overseeing the process.


When we pick up your food, if there are exposed food items, like french fries, chips, or some other non-enclosed food item, we will not be sticking our hands in any bags or boxes to check (due to health and safety policies) so we won't know if the items you ordered are correctly prepared, as different chef's have different ways of making their dishes.  If your order arrived complete and at a suitable temperature, our job is finished. However, if you have concerns about the quality of the ingredients used, the taste, and how it was prepared, that is something you'll need to take up with the restaurant. 


If you have made arrangements with the restaurant for replacement items instead of Task Runners and they agrees to send out those replacements, unless the restaurant wants to cover the delivery charge, then we would have to charge you for another delivery if we pick it up.


CANCELLATION FEES:   If you are cancelling an order, you have up to ten (10) minutes after placing your order with us to do so. It is your responsibility to ensure Task Runners receives the cancellation. This can ONLY to be done one of two ways. Either by phone and speaking directly with Task Runners OR by leaving a voicemail , if Task Runners is not able to answer your call. We do not accept texts or emails. 

(for online orders, there is a "time stamp" at the bottom designating when we have received the order. We use that information to determine cancellation eligibility)


Cancellation is not available if: 


1.  You wait too long to cancel (after 10 minutes of placing your order with us.) OR 


2.  The restaurant is 3/4 the way through preparing your order  OR


3.  The order is finished and waiting for pick up  OR


4.  Task Runners has already paid for the order and is loading it in the vehicle or is

     heading to the delivery destination  OR


5.   The order is refused upon arrival by the customer/no one available to accept it 


Orders not cancelled in time will be charged at least the food total (with delivery, if we actually show up to drop off). If we have a credit card on file, we will assess the charge to your card. If you don't have a card on file, the amount will be billed to the address that the delivery was to be delivered to OR the amount will be added onto a future delivery order.  Task Runners reserves it's right to use any means to collect any outstanding fees which includes, but is not limited to, use of legal services, collections, or other legal means of collecting the debt. Non-payment of services rendered also carries the option of being banned from receiving any delivery service in the future.


*We do not answer phones AFTER closing.
** If 25% or more of the food has been consumed or If the food has been discarded, repackaged or tampered with then the restaurant cannot verify its origin or issue and cannot issue a replacement, if desired. Most restaurants will only prepare a second food order in all situations, but will not prepare a third order replacement.

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