Alcohol Deliveries

Task Runners can NOW deliver Alcohol! 

We are now an OLCC-Approved For-Hire Carrier to deliver malt beverages, wine, cider, or distilled spirits to residents of Oregon. 

While we have been given permission to deliver alcoholic beverages, we are NOT permitted to purchase or receive reimbursement for those items at the present time.

Customers will need to make prior (payment) arrangements with establishments selling alcoholic products and advance payment to Task Runners will be required before we pick up those items.

We are currently exploring what permits are needed in order for us to purchase on behalf of customers and collect reimbursements for those items.

All alcoholic deliveries will be in accordance to OAR-845-005-0424

On a side note, Tobacco/Cigarette delivery is also prohibited, as that falls under Department of justice regulations.